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Young Living essential oils educator, distributor, aromatherapist and leader in San Diego, California and holistic interior design and sustainable design is my jam
certified aromatherapist
Young Living certified aromatherapist and educator, distributor, leader in San Diego, California
New 2019 PSK from Young Living Essen
New 2019 PSK from Young Living featuring Valor and Peace and Calming essential oils
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What's the energy like in your house?

What vibes are you sending? 

How do people remember your house?

Listen, your energy/frequency vibrations need to match, and if you don't pull your space "up," it will eventually pull you down. 

You'll feel draggy, worn out, and down. Tired. Overwhelmed. Unsatisfied... And the last thing you want to feel after spending time, money and effort remodeling is unsatisfied!!

Therapeutic essential oils bridge the gap between old and new energy, old and new spaces, old and new feelings.

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